Luscious sound, a relaxed groove and a concert filled with surprises: Munich-based rock and jazz choir, VoicesInTime, represents a cutting edge choir music – sophisticated, modern and entertaining. 

Being part of an ever-growing acappella community, VoicesInTime manages to fill concert halls with sounds that only a choir can create. 

Since winning first prize at the German Choir Competition in 2006, VoicesInTime is to the most sought after acappella choir in Germany. With their musical director, Stefan Kalmer, VoicesInTime has developed a unique profile and has become an important player in Europe. 

Originating from well-known songs played on the radio, the audience will recognize an exceptional arrangement of music that remind them of the known, but create the unheard. Encounters with German artists such as, Ina Müller, Roger Cicero, Ella Fitzgerald, George Gershwin, as well as Jamie Cullum provide unforgettable listening experiences. Fusion compositions based on Eichendorff, Goethe or Gernhard leave lasting impressions. 

The blend of styles, the stage presence, the discreet choreographies and the tailor-made arrangements make every VoicesInTime concert a unique event.

Stefan Kalmer

The musical director Stefan Kalmer founded the choir in 1996. After studying at the University of Music and Theatre in Munich, where he later taught didactics of popular music, he now directs the Jazz & Pop Choir there. Further workshops and lectures led him to the Music Academies in Hannover, Regensburg and Würzburg.

He has been a school music teacher in Munich, has been a member of the via-nova-choir Munich for more than a decade, and currently plays as a jazz violinist in the Orange String Quartet.

Stefan Kalmer regularly leads workshops for rock, jazz and fusion choirs and works as an adjudicator of choral singing. He also arranges, composes and edits choral music.

Latest publication:
Music With Her Silver Sound
30 new canons by Stefan Kalmer
Bosse-Verlag BE 428
With an audio-CD by Oliver Gies



Christine Bentele
Franziska Kirschner
Maria Lukashevich
Katharina Mundorff - Kreuzmann
Franziska Rex
Linda Suschko
Alessia Tavian
Bettina Weiss-Schaber


Annette Binanzer
Frances Bräutigam
Anna Bryker
Viktoria Doll
Sisi Forster
Sabine Junghans
Greta Langgärtner
Karin Schneider


Stefan Liu
Janik Müller
Thomas Nötting
Felix Otter
Erman Özhan
Samuel Rahman
Benedikt Schregle


David Aulenkamp
Benjamin Bauer
Florian Briechle
Herbert Deininger
Wolfgang Häußler
Torben Hügle
Martin Müller
Christian Posselt